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Exclusive updates: Sign up to our MOON Letter

Calling all independent thinkers across the fields of Classics, Latin, Italian, Art, History & the Renaissance!

With NEW courses in Italy on the way for 2023, we have a lot of updates to share in coming months...

We do not advertise our courses widely, and the MOON Letter is the main way of staying up to date about new course openings, application deadlines and other news.

About the MOON Letter

Our Monthly Opportunities & Other News Letter is a bulletin sharing news related to upcoming events, recommended reads and a special spotlight on our independent thinker of the month.

There is a new MOON each month and sometimes two, depending on the lunar cycle.

Where do I sign up? Fill in the contact form on our contact page to be added to the mail list:

If there is a specific course that you would like to register your interest in, sign up to a Waitlist for a reminder when applications open via the individual course pages:

If you don’t receive a MOON Letter as expected the following month, please sign up again using a different email or get in touch at


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