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About Us

We are an independent academy on a mission to 'balance the canon' and make classical study in Italy more accessible


We currently do this through fun and engaging courses across the fields of Classics, Latin, Italian, Art, History and the Renaissance which:

  • promote independent thinking

  • strengthen language and research skills

  • shed light on lesser-known primary sources and perspectives

Our philosophy 

We believe that all aspects of life (and all career paths) are enriched by a classical education in context. Our philosophy is to question everything and we encourage students to engage with the past with "fresh eyes". As an academy, we are intellectually curious and politically independent. When you enrol on a course with us, you are joining a community of independent thinkers!

Our pedagogy 

At Forte Academy we teach students how to think, not what to think. Many of our tutors are qualified teachers as well as researchers, who combine engaging and learner-centred pedagogy with the academic rigour of postgraduate study. Our courses draw links between past and present and place a strong emphasis on primary sources and understudied material. Find out more about our founder and director, Florence Forte, and the current team of tutors here.

We believe that to live and learn in Italy with like-minded individuals can be a life-changing experience and authentic cultural immersion is a fundamental part of this learning process. For this reason, our courses in Italy always include a well-rounded combination of activities such as art workshops, language drop-ins, site visits and a Cultural Programme of evening events that only locals would know about. Since 2019, we have welcomed 250+ school-leavers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, librarians, artists, lecturers and independent learners on courses at Forte Academy (View our Gallery).

How can you get involved? Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our monthly MOON Letter to find out more about Forte Academy and our course offerings. If you're a department or individual in a position to support our scholarship fund, please consider making a donation. If you're a teacher and researcher on a similar mission to Forte Academy, email us to stay updated on teaching opportunities as they arise in-person or online.

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