We bring the study of Classics and Italian Culture together through unique learning experiences in Florence, London and online. Our philosophy is that all aspects of life (and all career paths) are enriched against the backdrop of a Classical education in context


We believe that to live and learn in Italy with like-minded individuals can be a life-changing experience and authentic cultural immersion is a fundamental part of this learning process. For this reason, our courses always include enrolment in an art and cookery class or two, language lessons, site visits and a programme of options for authentic nightlife that only locals would know about, to ensure a well-rounded experience


What else makes us special is that all our tutors have lived in Italy themselves and we maintain close links with AICS Italia and local partners to keep up to date on summer events under the Tuscan sun. 

Join us this year for CLASSICS ABROAD 2020 which will now be held online, for school-leavers and students of all ages interested in mythology, history, literature, philosophy, art and languages. Stay updated on which city we'll run our summer course in next and explore our site for more ways to get involved!

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