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Classics Abroad 2024: Applications open!

Updated: May 11

Applications are open for our signature course, Classics Abroad in Florence, devoted to classical antiquity and the city of Florence!

What's the link between Classics and Florence? Not only does Florence have its own classical past dating back to the Etruscans, but it is also known as the birthplace of the Renaissance i.e. the "rebirth" of classical antiquity. An insight into this period, is an insight into 'Classics' as we know it. You will enrich your understanding of classical antiquity and its reception through key questions such as:

  • Which ancient texts were discovered? How were they transmitted?

  • Which (and whose) ideas were considered important?

  • How was myth translated into art?

Who is this course suitable for? This course is perfect for undergraduates and anyone with personal or academic interests in the study of Classics and/or the city of Florence.


  1. Monday 8 July - Saturday 13 July 2024

  2. Monday 2 September - Saturday 7 September 2024

Location: Florence, Italy

How to apply? Fill out an application form to be considered for a place.


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