Terms & Conditions

All enrolments onto our summer course(s) are subject to the following Terms & Conditions, which become legally binding on acceptance of a course place by the payment of a deposit (outlined below).  Before you submit your application form online, please read these conditions carefully.

1. Interpretations

1.1 These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) set out the contract between Forte Academy Ltd (“Forte Academy”, “we” or “us”) and the person responsible for paying the course fees (“Client” or “you”) and the person attending the course (“Student”).  

1.2. The following expressions in the Terms have the following meanings:

“Application Form” means the online booking form we send you, which you must complete in order to receive an Offer.  

“Balance” means the amount of fees payable after the Deposit has been deducted.

“Course” means the summer course that you apply for and, if successful, that you agree to undertake via payment of a deposit.

“Deposit” means the payment made by you to confirm your place on the Course.

“Offer” means our written offer to give you a place

“Provisional Itinerary” means a written timetable and outline of content for the Course which is subject to change.

“Services” means the teaching services and related teaching materials provided in relation to the Course.

“Site” means the pages and the information provided on our website forte-academy.co.uk.

2. Applications for Online Courses

2.1 The Application Form (or Enrolment Form) must be completed by the Student and the Client, indicating that they agree to the Terms hereby outlined.  

2.2. Whether or not we make you an Offer will be at our discretion and subject to places available.

2.3. If you receive an Offer, you will be invited to make a down payment (Deposit) of the course fee. This Deposit is refundable (minus a £3.50 handling fee) up to 14 days before the start date. After this, the Deposit is non-refundable. 

2.4. Additional Add-Ons will only be payable once the minimum course requirement is reached and you will be notified that payment is required to confirm your place.

2.5. The Student must be aged 16 or over at the time of the online course and aged 18 or over to participate in the "Ancient Spiced Wine" workshop.

2.6. The Applicant and Client agree to keep their Zoom log-in details for personal single-use only. This will be carefully monitored during the course and any evidence of foul-play will result in termination of access for the Applicant with no reimbursement. 

3. Applications for Courses in Italy

3.1 The Application Form must be completed by the Student and the Client, indicating that they agree to the Terms hereby outlined.  

3.2. Whether or not we make you an Offer will be at our discretion and subject to places available.

3.3. If you receive an Offer, you will be invited to make a Deposit to secure your place on the Course. This Deposit is non-refundable unless Forte Academy cancels the Course due to reasons outlined in Section 6 below (Cancellations).

3.4. The Student must be aged 18 or over at the time of travel.

3.5. The Student is responsible for obtaining the required visa that enables their participation in the Course and the rejection of a visa application by the Italian authorities does not affect the application of these terms and conditions.

4. Services

4.1. We aim to ensure that our delivery of the Course complies with the Provisional Itinerary provided to the Student and Client and the information given on our Site. However, you agree that the timetable and activities within the Provisional Itinerary and on the Site are subject to change by us, at any time and without prior notice.

4.2. We are not responsible for the performance of any services provided by people, firms or organisations other than our own tutors.

4.3. For the online course, the time of additional language and experience add-ons may be subject to change depending on tutor availability. We will confirm the time 4 weeks before the start date and notify you of any changes after this. 

5. Fees

5.1. Fees are payable in GBP unless otherwise arranged.

5.2. The fees for Classics Abroad Online are £95.00 which includes 2 hours of lectures each day, Monday to Friday. An additional fee is payable for language and experience add-ons. The fee for Saturday School courses (5 weeks) is £60.00 or £50.00 for students who can show evidence that they are currently enrolled at university or secondary school.

5.3. The fees for courses in Italy vary depending on location, dates and the option selected. The right is reserved to revise the price at any time, without prior notice, in the event of any change in cost of accommodation or museum and gallery entrance. In the rare event of this happening, we will notify you in advance.

5.4. For courses in Italy, the Deposit is deducted from the fees, leaving a Balance, which must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the Course start date or on the balance due date stated in your Registration Pack. 

5.5. In the event of non-payment of fees by the required date, Forte Academy reserves the right to cancel the enrolment and make the place available to another student.

6. Cancellation

6.1. In the event that you can no longer attend the Course for any reason, you must contact us by email at info@forte-academy.co.uk. For courses in Italy, if the notice of cancellation is received no later than 4 weeks before the Course start date, 50% of the Balance will be refunded; if between 4-2 weeks before the Course start date, 25% of the Balance will be refunded; if less than 2 weeks before the course start date, no refund of the Balance will be returned. For courses online, the down payment (Deposit) is refundable up to 14 days before the start date (minus a £3.50 handling fee). Less than 14 days before the start date, no refund is available. 

6.2. Forte Academy reserves the right to cancel any Course. For example, if the minimum number of students (5) is not reached by 6 weeks before the Course start date (which is the Course Confirmation Date) for courses in Italy, or 10 days before the Course start date for online courses. In the event of Forte Academy cancelling the Course, the Deposit and remaining Balance of fees will be fully refunded but we have no responsibility for any other costs you may incur as a result of the cancellation.

6.3. If Forte Academy is obliged to cancel the Course due to reasons outside our control, including travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, natural disasters, strikes, terrorist activities and acts of God, no refund will be given. We advise you to take out suitable insurance (see Section 8).

7. Accommodation

7.1. Forte Academy organises and pays for rented accommodation in apartments, which is included in the Course fees for Option 1.  Students agree to share twin bedrooms with other students (same-sex rooms) within an apartment. At least one Lead Tutor will either live on site or in a nearby apartment and be a 24/7 point of contact. 

7.2. We cannot guarantee students a place in shared accommodation until 6 weeks before the Course start date. In the event that there is no accommodation available by this date, students can change their Fee option and find their own accommodation for the duration of their stay. 

7.3. We will use our reasonable endeavours to keep the accommodation the same as described and depicted on our Site, however we reserve the right to change the apartment at our discretion based on availability and unforeseen circumstances.

7.4. While all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the accommodation is of a reasonable standard and is in accordance with the information on the Site, we accept no liability in respect to the accommodation provided.

7.5. A Security Deposit may be payable on arrival at the accommodation, which will be fully refunded on the departure day unless there is evidence of any damage or loss of property identified by the landlord. In the unlikely event of this happening, the landlord will provide an itemised list as to why the full Security Deposit amount is not being returned to the Student.  

7.6. The Student and Client are jointly liable for any damage caused by them to any property during the Course or any costs resulting from their behaviour or actions.  

8. Insurance

8.1 Students are not insured by Forte Academy against medical expenses, loss of personal possessions, cancellation of travel or any other losses.

8.2. Students are expected and required to behave in a reasonable manner at all times. We reserve the right to remove a Student from the Course at our discretion and without prior notice.

8.3. We are not liable for any injury or other loss sustained by the Student and no damage or compensation will be paid.

8.4. All Students attending the Course must have insurance that covers travel, medical costs, cancellation and personal loss at the time of travel.

9. Limited Early Bird Reduction 

9.1. If the Student receives a place on a Course and pays the down payment (Deposit) before the Early Bird Deadline, a reduction of fees will be applied.

9.2. For Classics Abroad 2020 Online, the Early Bird Deadline is Monday 15th June at 12:00 BST and the Course Fee is £85.00 GBP.

9.3. The Early Bird Reduction cannot be applied in conjugation with any other offers or discounts. 

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