This course is held entirely online, designed to support those who wish to study Latin alongside their main studies and commitments. Courses will run on a monthly-basis in blocks of five one-hour lessons, with pre-class tasks each week, translation feedback and an optional end-of-month assessment. 

Next Course: September 2021, TBC. 


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A fun, fast-paced and supportive introduction to Latin based on the current GCSE language component (OCR). This course will provide a great foundation for students interested in learning Latin alongside their main studies, building the tools for self-study and gaining an insight into the language, mythology and history of ancient Rome.

What will we cover?

We will progress through Cullen and Taylor's Latin to GCSE Book 1, covering the foundational grammar, syntax and vocabulary required to translate basic Latin sentences and build up to short stories. Students will gain ideas and tools for self-study that will last beyond the course, whilst also receiving the support and personalised feedback (on language exercises and translations) necessary to progress with confidence. 

How will I be taught?

Our teaching approach is informal, engaging and learner-centered. Your tutor will facilitate learning via setting pre-class activities (e.g. translations, vocabulary learning or reading) that will be discussed and built upon in lesson time. Lessons will be held using Zoom Meetings and student interaction is encouraged via questioning; corrections; translations; polls; quizzes and breakout rooms as necessary. 

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Translate basic Latin sentences with confidence, including famous phrases!

  • Understand the key principles behind Latin grammar, syntax and vocabulary in order to read a simple story. 

  • Translate simple English into Latin sentences (prose composition).

  • Understand which vocabulary learning techniques work best for you.  


Next Steps

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2) Email us if you have a question about the course .

Textbook: We will draw on material from Cullen and Taylor's Latin to GCSE Book 1. Your tutor will provide lesson handouts each week with the relevant exercises included, so there is no need to buy your own copy. 

What you could do after this course:

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