Forte Academy in Florence
Spring Term
April 2022

1 week, in Florence

10 - 17 April 2022


Intellectual + practical course

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Her Story of Art


NEW! Join us for a week in Florence this spring to explore the untold history of women artists from classical antiquity up to the early modern period. We will begin in ancient Rome and move through Italian history, as you engage with visual and written sources on the lives and works of women artists, on a journey that spans over 1,500 years of art. In the afternoons, you will train in three different artistic techniques at an art school and visit sites to see the artwork you have been studying up close. We will also delve into the context of Florence and its "revival" of classical antiquity, with seminars exploring how myth was translated into art across a range of different mediums. 

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Forte Academy in Florence
Summer Term
June - August 2022

1 week, in Florence 

10 - 17 July 2022

Summer Course

Enrolment opens in 2022

Classics Abroad 2022 

Our signature one-week summer course for Classics lovers in Florence! What's the link between Classics and Florence? Not only does Florence have its own classical past dating back to the Etruscans but it is also known as the birthplace of the Renaissance i.e. the "rebirth" of classical antiquity. An insight into this period is an insight into 'Classics' as we know it. You will study the classical roots of Florence, the transmission of classical texts and ideas, and the formation of Classics through Florentine literature, art, history and religion. This course is an unforgettable and dynamic combination of classroom-based study and first-hand experience in context. It includes enrolment in a cultural programme of events including fresco-making, wine-tasting and site visits.


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