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Workshops & Training

If you'd like to organise an event with Forte Academy at your school or university, please contact any of our tutors at to request the availability of specific workshops or topics. For an idea of school events that we have delivered before, take a look at examples from previous years below.

Latalian: Learning Italian through Latin

A fun, fusion workshop for students interested in learning Italian who have at least beginners' experience of Latin and especially, the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1. Lead tutor: Florence Forte.

Workshops previously held at: Loreto College (2016), Watford Grammar School for Girls (2016), King's College London (PGCE Students, 2017), and Forte Academy (Thinking Pod, October 2021).

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Dis Manibus: Roman Tomb Carving

A creative and hands-on workshop for Latin and Classical Civilisation students exploring ancient Roman tombstone inscriptions and practices (in Latin and in translation). Students will have the chance to compose and carve their own inscriptions. Lead tutor: Florence Forte.

Workshops previously held at: King Alfred School, London (2019).

Women Latinists

Are you curious about Latin written by women? If so, get in touch with us if you'd like to offer a talk, workshop or event at your school to showcase the rich history of women's Latin with your students. In the meantime, you can watch us reciting Latin poetry written by women on Skye Shirley's Youtube channel in her new series, "Women Latinists Read Women's Latin":


Challenge the Canon: Teacher Training 

What factors have determined the Classics curriculum today? How do we teach a richer version of Classics beyond the traditional, all-male canon of authors? This training course is tailored to teachers of Latin and Classical Civilisation, although it is widely relevant to the arts and humanities. Teachers will gain tools to identify gender, race and class biases in the curriculum and a wealth of practical resources to integrate into their classroom. Lead tutor: Florence Forte (Day 1 - 3) and Skye Shirley (Day 4).


Topics include: Introduction to the Canon, Literature & Philosophy, Art & Archaeology and Language (Latin).

If you would like to book an interactive, live training session for your department  please fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

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