Graduated with first class honours in Classics with a thesis on Ovid's Heroides. Following a PGCE in Latin at King's College London, Florence taught classical subjects at a wide range of schools in the UK and Italy. She now spends most of her time researching the transmission of classical antiquity through Renaissance literature and art with a special interest in radical thinkers, rhetoric and reggaeton.


 Elisabetta has a background in Classical and Literary studies, with Masters degrees in Classics and Italian Language and Literature. After teaching in these fields, Elisabetta set up her own language school in Florence to share the beauty and culture of the Italian language with visitors to Florence. She is particularly passionate about Catullus and Humanism.


Is a new media artist, cultural facilitator and educator who has lived between Italy and the US since 1999. Co-founder and director of Black History Month Florence, which is now 6 years old. His life and work seek to deepen discussions around social-cultural stratification and hierarchical organisation, fostering projects that connect academic discourse, social activism and DIY networking strategies.


Studied Italian and German at Durham University followed by an MA at the University of Nottingham, earning two research awards. For 5+ years she has organised boutique learning experiences abroad and has a passion for languages. She is a qualified CELTA teacher and has lived and studied in Siena, Florence and Seville. Zoe is also the founder of Made in the Med.

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Has a DPhil in Classics, which focused on Lucretius and Plato. She is now a freelance writer, specialising in Classics, the arts, and education. She also teaches Classics and writing courses at City Lit, London.


After moving to Paris for 6 years, Em embarked on a degree in Culture antique et 

monde contemporain at the 

Sorbonne. She completed part of her studies at the Università degli Studi di Milano. As Forte Academy's court astrologer and an experienced energy healer at Gold Iris, Em combines her training in Classics and healing to shift students' perspectives on topics such as Myth & Metaphysics.

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Is a Latin teacher, language activist and researcher of the early modern period, with a focus on the history of women's writing in Latin. She has also worked in Florence and Rome as a summer tour guide for 9+ years and is the founder of Lupercal, a reading group dedicated to increasing spoken Latin opportunities for underrepresented genders in the field of Classics.


Has taught an impressive range of classes at DePaul University in Chicago for 15+ years, including World History and Europe (Medieval and Modern). He is about to launch his own summer program for DePaul students called "The Legacy of Rome" - the name of his special opening lecture for Classics Abroad Florence. 

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Tina joined the team in 2021 as creative director of educational activism in museums, galleries and libraries. Inspired by #ArtActivistBarbie on Twitter and a moment of enlightenment in her academic studies, Tina now devotes herself to challenging the canon and raising awareness of how gender, race and class biases have shaped - and continue to influence - canon formation in different contexts.