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Special Event: Secrets & Scandals of the Renaissance

For those of you in Florence this month... don't miss this special date night with some conmen of the Renaissance on Thursday 10 November.

Lynn Catterson has carried out detective work within the archives of Stefano Bardini since 2010, bumping into a number of "dead men" with mysterious life stories along the way.

Previous students on Classics Abroad Florence will be familiar with the shadowy figure of Bardini, from our art seminar on Palazzo Pitti which touches on fakes and forgeries - from ancient to Renaissance times. At a certain time, Bardini had a huge number of workers (and nuns) under his supervision in the San Niccolò area to meet the demand of his clientele - often, wealthy American buyers seeking antiquities at any cost.

Tomorrow evening at the Palazzo San Niccolò, Lynn will give a special talk exploring "how and why Albert E. Harnisch went from Philadelphia, to an incredibly successful career in Rome, to anonymity in the Florentine antiquarian, Stefano Bardini's San Niccolò factory..."

Time: 6.30pm

Cost: 10 euro including wine

Location: Palazzo San Niccolò



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