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Palazzo Vecchio: Eleonora of Toledo Events

This year, the city and comune of Florence has been celebrating the 500-year anniversary of Eleonora of Toledo with various events.

Who was Eleonora of Toledo?

Born in 1522, Eleanora was a noblewoman born in Salamanca who became the Duchess of Florence after her marriage to Cosimo I de' Medici. She financed many projects, including the purchase of Palazzo Pitti, and governed during her husband's long military absences. The couple had 11 children (though only 8 survived to adulthood) and lived for a long time in Palazzo Vecchio, where we had a tour of their secret passages on Classics Abroad this summer.

*Special Events* at Palazzo Vecchio

This week, the 500 year anniversary celebrations culminate with a conference, a live history spectacle (30 November) and a concert (1 December) held in Palazzo Vecchio's Salone dei Cinquecento.

For those in Florence and wishing to join some or all of the events, registration is free and you can find the details on how to book via the programme (on the left).


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