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Palazzo Davanzati re-opens!

As you may know, it can be tricky to get information about open hours for this hidden gem in Florence at the best of times.

This summer, Palazzo Davanzati was “temporarily closed” for renovations with no end in sight – but Elisabetta paid a trip there last week and we are pleased to report that it is now back open for visitors!

Elisabetta at Palazzo Davanzati

What is Palazzo Davanzati?

Located in the centre of Florence, Palazzo Davanzati was home to the Davanzati merchant family from 1578. It was commissioned much earlier in the mid-14th century, by the Davizi family – members of the Arte della Calimala (wool guild).

In 1904, it was purchased by art dealer Elia Volpi, who restored and opened the building in 1910 as a museum – its unique selling point being a chance for visitors to experience what an ‘early Florentine palazzo’ would have looked like. Volpi was a contemporary of the notorious antiquities dealer Stefano Bardini, who we often mention on Classics Abroad Florence.


  • The bedroom named the Camera della Castellana featuring a pictorial cycle depicting the courtly love tale of the Chastelaine de Vergy.

  • The collection of lace and embroidery demonstrating a range of domestic arts and crafts.

  • The wrought ironwork on the outside of the palazzo is the earliest in the city to survive intact – a good reminder of the defensive function of the palace.

  • The colourful frescoes and geometric patterns on the upper walls decorating main rooms and private quarters, such as the Sala dei Pappagalli.

Visiting Hours

Friday, Saturday, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month: 13:15 - 18:50

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 08:15 - 13:50.

Book tickets in advance here.

Camera delle Impannate
Camera delle Impannate


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