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New: Visa scheme for digital nomads in Italy

Are you a ‘digital nomad’ hoping to live and work in Italy? Italy has announced a new visa scheme that is about to make this much easier in the near future.

This will be welcome news if your dreams of moving to Italy have been hindered by the 90-day tourist period, or the strict and bureaucratic processes in place for alternatives such as the self-employment visa.

The new proposed visa scheme differs in two important ways from the self-employment visa:

  • There will be an unlimited amount of these visas available each year.

  • You do not need to obtain a “nulla osta” from an Italian immigration office.

It is still unclear what the full eligibility requirements will be. For example, the Italian government has said that this visa is aimed at “highly qualified digital nomads or professionals who can work remotely" without specififying what counts as 'highly qualified'. This might been demonstrating evidence of a graduate degree or minimum number of years’ experience in a given field.

You can read the full article about this new visa scheme in Michele Capecchi’s article for The Florentine here.


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