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Creative Writing Competition for Classicists under 19

The Classical Association - an educational charity dedicated to making classical subjects widely accessible – has teamed up with the publishing house Bloomsbury to run a creative writing competition that could result in a published piece of work for the winner.

Who is eligible: “girls, women and non-binary writer aged 19 or under”

What must they submit: “a piece of creative writing of 1500 words of less, inspired by the classical world”

What genre: “poetry, prose, rap, the choice is yours”

Deadline 1 December 2023

The Prize:

The overall winner of this competition will have the opportunity for their submission to be published, subject to any editing requested by the editors and formal peer review, in Women Re-Creating Classics: Contemporary Voices, alongside bestselling contemporary authors. They will be offered the opportunity to enter into a contributor contract with Bloomsbury Publishing and they will also receive a book prize from Bloomsbury and a certificate.

Two runners-up will receive certificates and book prizes from Bloomsbury. A number of shortlisted entrants will receive certificates of congratulations.


For more information, see the competition page on the Classical Association's dedicated webpage: CA x Bloomsbury Competition.


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