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Artemisia Restoration Tour – 7 Feb

In a few weeks, there’s an opportunity to meet Artemisia Gentileschi’s Inclination in situ and up-close at Casa Buonarroti in an exclusive tour for The Florentine readers.

Date: Tuesday 7 February

Times: 12 – 1.30pm

How to book: The tour costs 40 euro per person and there are 15 places available. Email press@theflorentine. This event will be led by head conservator Elizabeth Wicks and the coordinator of the restoration project, Linda Falcone. Find out more about this event at The Florentine.

This is especially welcome news at Forte Academy since Artemisia’s Inclination was a central allegory on our summer course, Classics Abroad in Florence last year. Throughout the week, the power of inclination emerged as a natural theme when discussing the motivation behind art, literature, history, religion, education and even scholarship: Why are students, and scholars, inclined towards researching certain people or periods of history? Where do our talents come from? Do artists, in fact, paint themselves and if so - why?

A highlight included learning the art of fresco by copying a section of the Inclination to take home. Have a glimpse at our exhibition at the end of the course below:


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