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Online, on-demand 

6 weeks



Radical Renaissance Writer


Flexible Course In this course you will delve into the fascinating work of six writers from the 'Renaissance' period (1400 - 1700) who challenged mainstream authorities during their lifetimes, with a focus on their classical education(s). This course is unique because it brings together six authors, 4 women and 2 men, who are rarely taught together - if taught at all. What does it mean to be a radical thinker or writer? What do they have in common? What can we learn from them about the art of rhetoric? How can they shift our perspective today? This course forms part of our pioneering Challenge the Canon series, designed to help students think independently, gain a fuller understanding of history and discover exciting new authors & approaches beyond the boundaries of their formal education. 

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6 weeks



A Destiny of Her Own: A thousand years of “Hidden Figures” in Italian Science 


New Course In this short, 6-week course, we will discover some of the most influential and pioneering studies made by six Italian women in the sciences, with a special focus on patterns of education, access, barriers, and opportunities for women’s work in science. We will also consider the relevance of Latin and Classics in the trajectories of their lives. Throughout a thousand years of Italian history, we will uncover the ideas, discoveries, and insights of these exceptional women who changed the way we see the world.

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Online, live 

5 weeks 



GCSE Latin for Beginners


Starter Course A fun, fast-paced and supportive 5-week introduction to Latin based on the current GCSE language component (OCR). This course will provide a great foundation for students interested in learning Latin alongside their main studies, with a focus on building tools for the self-study of Latin and gaining an insight into the language, mythology and history of ancient Rome. This course will include weekly pre-lesson activities, translation feedback and an optional end-of-unit assessment. 


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