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GCSE Latin for Beginners, Weeks 6 - 10 (Level 1)

Current Course

Saturday 6 November - 4 December 2021 (5 weeks) 


This course extension is suitable for students who have successfully completed the starter course (5 weeks) and wish to keep up their momentum & progress on this new Latin journey. 

This time, there will be a greater emphasis on translation & students will start to take greater responsibility over their learning through a blend of live and pre-recorded interactive lessons. By investing in a textbook, students can start to get to grips with the practicalities of self-study in Latin and have access to extra translation exercises. They will also benefit from the support of their tutor throughout. 

What will we cover?

In Weeks 6 - 10 we will pick up half-way through Chapter 2 of Latin to GCSE Book 1 and continue learning new grammar, syntax and vocabulary in line with the OCR specification. Students will read and translate short mythological stories from the Trojan War cycle. They will continue to gain ideas and tools for self-study that will last beyond the course, whilst also receiving the support and personalised feedback (on language exercises and translations) necessary to progress with confidence. 

Required textbook: Cullen & Taylor. Latin to GCSE Part 1. Bloomsbury, 2016.

There will be an optional end-of-month assessment at the end of Week 10 so that students can put their skills into practice with GCSE-style questions and receive feedback. 


By the end of the course:

  • you will have reached the end of Chapter 3! 

  • you will receive a certificate for successfully completing Level 1. 

How to join

1) Make the course fee payment on the store.

2) Receive your welcome email and pre-class tasks for Week 6.

3) Keep up the good work!

Join Waitlist

Application Status: Closed.

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Feedback from our students...

"Thank you so much for running the course, I’ve found it super interesting and accessible, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m definitely hoping to be back for the second half of the term!"

- Student, GCSE Latin 2020

"I've really enjoyed learning Latin and it has helped me progress that little bit further in my Classics lessons so I'm very happy about that and wish to continue it."

- Student, GCSE Latin 2020

"These lessons have been great, so we’ll definitely be signing up for another five!"

- Parent, GCSE Latin 2020

"I would like to thank you for the course my daughter took in October. She enjoyed it a lot and it challenged her. I hope she'll continue with her Latin studies and hopefully she'll take another of your courses in the future... Thanks for your support."

- Parent, GCSE Latin 2020

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