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Workshop: Gold Leaf Christmas Cards in Florence

If you’re in Florence this month and interested in Byzantine Art, we recommend this special opportunity to learn the technique of Byzantine illumination by crafting Christmas cards in gold leaf in an upcoming workshop with Nektaria Savioli.

When? Saturday 10 December, 10:00 – 13:00

What’s included? Materials and tuition.

About Nektaria Savioli

Originally from Greece, Nektaria is trained in Byzantine Iconography and specialises in the ancient technique of the Cretan School, which is still practised in monasteries today. After years of study, research and artistic production, Nektaria is now dedicated to education and, with great passion and love, to transmitting this ancient art to others.


All of our courses in Florence involve hands-on, creative activities as we believe it’s important to learn through doing. This summer on Women Latinists, we took part in a Letterpress workshop for “Printing Press Day” and a botanical water colour class related to our “Garden Day” texts. On Classics Abroad, we learnt how to fresco Renaissance-style by copying a section from Gentileschi’s Allegory of Inclination.

Female Arts in Florence, Borgo S. Frediano 131r


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