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Women Latinists 2022: A wonderful two weeks!

This summer saw the success of our first Women Latinists course in Florence which brought women’s Latin back to life in salons, living rooms, gardens, convents, kitchens, and other beautiful spaces around Florence.

We spent each morning in our salon exploring extracts (from antiquity up to the early modern period) grouped thematically around key sites of cultural production for women. After a lunch break, we headed out to site visits, special tours and creative workshops linked to our course content or joined informal language drop-ins back at the salon.

Some highlights this year include reciting a Latin letter by Alessandra Scala’s in her ex-palazzo home, paying our respects at the tomb of Elisabeth Barrett Browning and meeting Julia Bolton Holloway, reading poetry about the Arno on the Arno, writing Latin postcards from a living room with an unrivalled Duomo view, acting out the kitchen scene from Hrosvitha of Gandersheim’s Dulcitius in our very own kitchen and singing the Latin hymns of Lorenza Strozzi in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi!

Latinists came together from Salisbury, L.A., London, Maine, Mississippi, Vienna, Boston, and St Albans for a fun, engaging and challenging two weeks of Latin - during one of the hottest summers known to Florence! – and a huge thanks goes to Skye Shirley for leading this course and sharing her passion & expertise in such an engaging way.

On the back of this successful start we can’t wait to share new dates with you soon, register your interest in future courses by joining the Waitlist for 2023.

About this course: Women Latinists in Florence


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