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Travel Scholarships: School of Classics at St Andrews

Are you a student at St Andrews? The School of Classics has a generous offering of travel and language scholarships available for students wishing to visit classical sites or take part in summer courses abroad.

Application deadline is 11 March 2022.

Awards may be made for:

  • Travel (including internships) to archaeological sites, summer schools, museums, and other institutions like the British Schools in Athens and Rome.

  • To attend approved Latin or Greek summer schools (information on some language schools can be obtained from the JACT website).

Successful applicants will be asked to write a short account of their trip upon their return.


The awards are open to students pursuing a degree in Ancient History, Ancient History & Archaeology, Classical Studies or Classics, or in joint degrees partly within the School of Classics. Priority will be given to applicants in their second or third year of study. Fourth year students proceeding to the MLitt in St Andrews and first year students with an honours intention wholly or partly within the School of Classics may also apply.

Our course offerings abroad this summer include Women Latinists and Classics Abroad in Florence.

Women Latinists (17 - 31 July 2022) requires an intermediate-advanced background in Latin and will focus on honing Latin reading skills exclusively through studying Latin texts by women from antiquity and beyond.

Classics Abroad (10 - 17 July 2022) is perfect for students with or without Latin and will focus on the transmission and revival of classical antiquity through the Renaissance, with a strong emphasis on primary sources, site visits and immersive experiences.

Ancient Roman theatre in Florence, Italy.


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