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New: Mike Tafel’s Youtube Series!

Since 2019, we have been lucky to have Mike Tafel as a tutor on Classics Abroad in Florence (and two years online!), taking us on a journey from Ancient Rome to Renaissance Florence at the start of the week and dipping into the historical context of Machiavelli’s writing.

Now, you can tune in to Mike’s historical reflections via his Youtube Channel which will be updated with mini documentary clips introducing you to various topics related to Florentine history and politics, with some fab footage along the way...

Left: Classics Abroad 2019 | Right: Classics Abroad 2022

Featured Clips:

About Mike

Mike Tafel has taught an impressive range of classes at DePaul University in Chicago for 15+ years, including World History and Europe (Medieval and Modern). In 2022, he also launched his own summer program for DePaul students called "The Legacy of Rome" bringing 20 students to Florence and Rome to visit sites they had studied up-close.


Classics Abroad in Florence is our signature summer course devoted to unlocking the secrets of classical antiquity with a focus on its transmission and creation through Florentine art, literature, history, religion, philosophy and politics.

Our Waitlist for 2023 is the largest yet and we can't wait to open applications for a new cohort in the early Spring. Find out more about the course in Florence here.


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