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Homage to Michael Jackson in Fiesole (27 Oct)

Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a symphonic tribute to Michael Jackson in the Teatro di Fiesole: a beautiful, ancient site where modern day visitors can experience the space as it was intended to be used, with a backdrop of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

About the event

The Omaggio a Michael Jackson was conceived by the director and composer Fernando Díaz, whose philosophy and creativity is reflected in every composition. Between each interlude, the audience is often treated to a short insight into the meaning of each song and the peculiar features behind his translation of the original music into orchestral pieces. We were lucky enough to experience the first performance of this concert in July with sweeping views of Florence at night at the Forte Belvedere. The Programme includes: Billie Jean, Human Nature, Smooth Criminal and Thriller amongst others.

About the Roman Theatre

The Teatro Romano has long hosted events that revive the space as a centre of entertainment with optimal acoustics. For Classics Abroad 2019 in Florence, we took students to watch a stand-up comedy sketch based on Virgil's Aeneid, which involved members of the audience volunteering to re-create famous scenes including the boxing match in Book 5. In 2022, we had a walking tour of the Roman Theatre and archaeological area by day which included learning about its other spaces: the baths, the temple, the highlights of the museum and the history and material evidence of the Etruscans in the region.

This summer, several students on Classics Abroad took a trip up to Fiesole at nighttime to watch a Candlelight Concert devoted to soundtracks from famous films and organised by Feverup. Other events on the stage this year included a production of Plautus’ comedy Anfitrione (Amphitryon) by the group Teatro Europeo Plautino, Sopohocles’ tragedy Filottete (Philoctetes) by Teatro Pubblico Ligure and creative renditions of episodes from Homer's Odyssey, including an evening each for: ‘The Cyclops’, ‘Odysseus and Penelope’ and ‘Circe the Magician'.


Find out more about our annual summer course devoted to Classics & the Renaissance in Florence, see: Classics Abroad in Florence.

For tickets for the Omaggio a Michael Jackson (Homage to Michael Jackson) by Fernando Díaz, see: Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina.


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