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Conference: New Approaches to Latin Teaching (21 Sept)

On 21st September there will be a free conference for Classics teachers at Haileybury. It is focused on new approaches to Latin teaching and has speakers from various schools discussing a range of interesting topics.

The conference is free for Classics teachers and there will be refreshments available. If you would like to attend, please complete this Google Form. Further details will be sent you closer to the time.

Presentations include:

Hailebury’s Approach to Teaching Classical Language – Sam Koon

Bilingual Comprehensible Input – David Carter

Story Making – Using Spoken Latin – Steve Hunt

Making and Using Tiered Readers – Helena Walters

Performance of Literature – Dan Addis

Questioning a Text – Steven Kennedy

Making Greek More Comprehensible – Patrick James

Building a Classics Course – Ben Greenley

Experiences of Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata – Jim Sheppe

Teaching with Novellas – Libby Caffrey

Confessions of a CI Neophyte – Ed Pyman


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