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Virtual Tour: English Cemetery of Florence

Last summer on Women Latinists in Florence we paid respects at the tomb of a Latin poet and learnt about her life and work from the cemetery’s custodian, Julia Bolton Holloway.

We can’t wait to come back with fresh flowers and a new group of students in 2023, but you can now learn a little about this wonderful graveyard from afar with Julia’s new virtual guide! You can even explore the cemetery by tomb – by clicking on each surname, you’ll be taken to a dedicated page to delve into their life, history and/or works.

See: Virtual Guide to Florence’s English Cemetery ( English Version | Italian Version)

Women Latinists 2022, Cemeteries Day

About Julia Bolton Holloway

Julia was born in London and moved to California where she completed her BA, MA and PhD in Comparative Literature and Medieval Studies. She is now both the custodian of the English Cemetery and the director of the associated Biblioteca e Bottega Fioretta Mazzei and she continues to publish a prolific number of articles, books and open-access resources (including translations) focusing on a wide range of medieval authors and themes.


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