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Save the date: The First Lupercal Latin Conference!

2022 marks the first international symposium of Lupercal, which will take place both in Lille and online.

Where? University of Lille, France

When? October 24 – 26, 2022

About Lupercal

In April 2018, Latin teacher Skye Shirley founded Lupercal to bridge a gender gap in the field of Latin studies. In Lupercal reading groups, members work their way through a different woman’s Latin biography, indexed in 1374 by the Renaissance humanist Giovanni Boccaccio in his book De Mullieribus Claris.


“Queen Zenobia of Palmyra loved running in the woods, so we ask each other in Latin, What do you enjoy doing outdoors? The Roman writer Proba adored Virgil’s Aeneid: What texts bring you such joy? If you were, like Boccaccio, tasked with indexing the most noteworthy women of all time: Whom would you include and why?

- Lupercal, Our Story

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Lupercal Website: https://www.lupercallegit.org/