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Restrictions end in Italy

As of today, 1 May 2022, the Green Pass (i.e. evidence of a negative test, evidence of recovery or evidence of a Covid-19 vaccination cycle) will no longer be used in Italy. This includes for indoor dining, gyms and leisure centres, sporting events, night clubs and conferences.

It is no longer mandatory to wear a facemask to enter museums, shops, bars, restaurants, and places of work. This is with the exception of a limited range of enclosed spaces such as long-distance public transport and indoor theatres and cinemas until 15 June.

Until now, Italy's Green Pass system has been one of the most authoritarian in Europe, and not without controversy:

"Saturday 30 April effectively marks the end of the Green Pass system which at its height earlier this year was required for practically all aspects of life in Italy, including the workplace, with the exception of pharmacies and supermarkets."

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Dante with Green Pass
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